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Research from AES 2016 explored relationships between epilepsy and other neurological disorders, including Alzheimer disease, MS, stroke, and autism.

November news includes the first human clinical trial focusing on tau in Alzheimer disease and Zika-related microcephaly not presenting at birth.

Up to 45% of stroke victims over the age of 60 will develop epilepsy. Researchers at AES 2016 presented risk factors of post-stroke epilepsy.

Three new studies look at stroke and the impact of folic acid, music therapy, and air pollution.

The study provides much needed insight into sex-specific risk factors, thus improving the accuracy of individualized stroke risk assessment.

Psychological stressors, air pollution, and cardiorespiratory fitness were some of the stroke and AF risk factors researchers investigated.

November news includes potential Alzheimer treatments, FDA approval of a device to prevent recurrent stroke, & a newly typified headache disorder.


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