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Neuro News Roundup: Stroke Outcomes

Neuro News Roundup: Stroke Outcomes

  • Neurology News Roundup: Stroke Outcomes. April 2017
  • Epilepsy Increases Stroke Risk. Abstract link.
  • Elderly epilepsy patients with seizures may have an increased risk of future stroke.
  • For an elderly patient who has epileptic seizures, clinicians should consider the risks of stroke and attempt to control risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, and smoking.
  • Genetic Predisposition to Ischemic Stroke. Abstract link.
  • A statistical model can predict the genetic predispositions shared among ischemic stroke subtypes, rather than identify genetic markers specific to stroke subtypes.
  • The polygenic risk score may provide valuable information for individual risk assessment and management of modifiable risk factors in this era of precision medicine.
  • Swallow Screening Lacking in Stroke Patients. Abstract link.
  • Guidelines recommend screening all acute stroke patients for dysphagia, but new data show about one in 5 stroke patients do not receive swallow screening.
  • Early identification of dysphagia in stroke patients may avoid multiple adverse health conditions and reduce the risk of death.
  • Clinical Implications

New studies on stroke include the following highlights: epilepsy may be an indication of hidden cerebrovascular disease in elderly patients; a model to predict genetic predispositions may provide valuable information about an individual’s risk of ischemic stroke; and about one in 5 patients with acute ischemic stroke are not screened for documented dysphagia, putting them at risk for poorer outcomes.

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