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Interesting Neuro: Tumor Tx and Stroke Recovery

Interesting Neuro: Tumor Tx and Stroke Recovery

  • Interesting Neurology: Tumor Tx and Stroke Recovery. March 2017
  • Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Is Subjected to Glucose Modification and Oxidation in Alzheimer’s Disease. Abstract link. **** Prolonged Sleep Duration as a Marker of Early Neurodegeneration Predicting Incident Dementia. Abstract link.
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy-Like Neuropathological Findings Without a History of Trauma. Abstract link. **** Women May Be at Higher Risk for Sports-Related Concussion than Men. Press release.
  • Therapeutic Targeting of Polycomb and BET Bromodomain Proteins in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas. Abstract link. **** Pharmacologic Targeting of S6K1 in PTEN-Deficient Neoplasia. Abstract link.
  • Predictors of Unintended Pregnancy in Women with Epilepsy. Abstract Link. **** Modified Atkins Diet Is an Effective Treatment for Children with Doose Syndrome. Abstract link.
  • The Long-Term Effect of Acupuncture for Migraine Prophylaxis. A Randomized Clinical Trial. Abstract link. **** Association Between Migraine and Atopic Diseases in Childhood: a Potential Protective Role of Anti-Allergic Drugs. Abstract link.
  • Chronic Demyelination-Induced Seizures. Abstract link. **** High-Dose Immunosuppressive Therapy and Autologous HCT for Relapsing-Remitting MS. Abstract link.
  • The Melanoma-Linked “Redhead” MC1R Influences Dopaminergic Neuron Survival. Abstract link. **** Synaptic Vesicle Glycoprotein 2C (SV2C) Modulates Dopamine Release and Is Disrupted in Parkinson Disease. Abstract link.
  • Head Position in Stroke Trial: an International Cluster Cross-Over Randomized Trial. Abstract link. Presentation LB1 *** Resumption of Oral Anticoagulation After Intracerebral Hemorrhage Is Associated with Decreased Mortality and Favorable Functional Outcome. Abstract link. Presentation LB6
  • A Randomized Double-Blind Pilot Study Assessing Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) During Rehabilitation for Improved Upper Limb Motor Function After Stroke. Abstract link. LB18 **** Newly-Diagnosed Depression Precedes Cognitive Impairment Following Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Abstract Link. Session A14, Abstract 93

We present a selection of interesting neurology articles for the month of March in the following slides. See the slide legends for links to the article summaries.

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