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Parkinson disease

Parkinson disease

Our May news includes memory replay disruption in Alzheimer disease, impulse control disorder in Parkinson disease, and return to play in TBI.

Technology that is efficient yet lacking side effects, personalized, and nonintrusive may be closer than we think for many of our neurology patients.

Researchers gather environmental data to better understand possible mechanisms of Parkinson disease development.

Our Feb. news & research include two new migraine drugs, the stroke-Parkinson link, and the potential of an anticancer drug to prevent Alzheimer.

Our Jan. news & research list includes the possible lingering effects of childhood concussion and the benefits of vitamin D for MS.

Compliance, an obstacle in depression treatment for all patients, can be especially difficult for patients with dementia.

Our Dec. news & research list includes groundbreaking research from AES 2015 as well as a few potential neurodegeneration biomarkers.


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