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Parkinson disease

Parkinson disease

Oct. news includes an approved deep brain stimulation system for movement disorders & biomarkers that improve risk assessment in atrial fibrillation.

Our Sept. news includes a possible clinical marker and therapy target in Alzheimer disease and MS findings from an optical coherence tomography study.

Our August news includes a potential classification system for Alzheimer disease, new findings in a 3D model of TBI, and migraine treatments.

A study of 30 years indicates the projected increase in Parkinson disease could be underestimated and offers possible explanations.

Recent neurological studies outline a link between TBI and Parkinson disease, discuss neuroimaging to predict recovery, and warn against DIY tDCS.

Our July news includes the Alzheimer-diabetes link, increased rates of Parkinson, and guidelines for acute migraine treatment in the ED.

Nuplazid, which the FDA designated as a breakthrough therapy and granted priority review, could help approximately 50% of Parkinson patients.


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