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Parkinson disease

Parkinson disease

Did patients with advanced Parkinson disease switched to extended release carbidopa-levodopa experience clinical benefits?

Studies also include stem cell transplantation for treatment-refractory MS and aspirin use for headache to lessen the need for rescue medication.

Ten general and disease-specific apps for neurologists include assessment scales, anatomical diagrams, and interactive clinical decision support.

Is the parkinsonian phenotype seen in welders related to the exposure of manganese-containing welding fumes?

February news includes stroke risk with Alzheimer disease & migraine, neonatal hemorrhagic stroke, and head trauma in sports.

A phase 3 trial examined the safety and effectiveness of adjunctive opicapone in patients with Parkinson disease treated with levopoda.

Can we see changes in the brain that correspond to cognitive difficulties? Research presented at AAN 2016 offers compelling information.


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