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Parkinson disease

Important Drug Approval for Parkinson Patients

This study indicates that your mother was right about eating your fruits and vegetables: results suggest that eating some foods and avoiding others could be a nutrient prescription for Parkinson disease.

- See more at: http://www.neurologytimes.com/parkinson-disease#sthash.PDZvuK45.dpuf

Nuplazid, which the FDA designated as a breakthrough therapy and granted priority review, could help approximately 50% of Parkinson patients.


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Parkinson disease

March news includes possible brain tumor therapies, a study exploring mechanisms underlying demyelination-induced seizures, and VNS post stroke.

Did patients with advanced Parkinson disease switched to extended release carbidopa-levodopa experience clinical benefits?

Studies also include stem cell transplantation for treatment-refractory MS and aspirin use for headache to lessen the need for rescue medication.

Ten general and disease-specific apps for neurologists include assessment scales, anatomical diagrams, and interactive clinical decision support.

Is the parkinsonian phenotype seen in welders related to the exposure of manganese-containing welding fumes?

February news includes stroke risk with Alzheimer disease & migraine, neonatal hemorrhagic stroke, and head trauma in sports.

A phase 3 trial examined the safety and effectiveness of adjunctive opicapone in patients with Parkinson disease treated with levopoda.


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