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Parkinson disease

Update on Parkinson

This study indicates that your mother was right about eating your fruits and vegetables: results suggest that eating some foods and avoiding others could be a nutrient prescription for Parkinson disease.

- See more at: http://www.neurologytimes.com/parkinson-disease#sthash.PDZvuK45.dpuf

Genome-wide association studies in Parkinson disease identified 17 novel loci with overlap with 3 autoimmune diseases. ©PoprotskiyAlexey/ Shutterstock.com


Parkinson disease

The largest study to date of a potential link between dairy intake and Parkinson disease found that risk varies depending on fat content and total intake. Details here.

Here is evidence that metformin, especially at high doses and for long periods, is associated with increased risk for neurodegenerative diseases and dementia.

New studies shed light on the potential role of monoclonal antibodies in migraine prophylaxis and in Parkinson disease and on a common genetic pathway shared by PD and autoimmune diseases.

These mobile apps provide tools to record medication details and reminders, first aid instructions, step-by-step recovery guides, and other topics of concern for you and your patient.

Researchers tested the accuracy of the Movement Disorder Society’s criteria for diagnosing Parkinson disease.

Studies discussed include neuropsychiatric symptoms leading to mild cognitive impairment and gesture comprehension and language in children with autism.

There is new evidence of a role for viral hepatitis B and C in the development of Parkinson disease.


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