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Parkinson disease

Parkinson Disease: Pain Treatment

This study indicates that your mother was right about eating your fruits and vegetables: results suggest that eating some foods and avoiding others could be a nutrient prescription for Parkinson disease.

- See more at: http://www.neurologytimes.com/parkinson-disease#sthash.PDZvuK45.dpuf

How frequently are your patients with Parkinson disease reporting pain and is that pain effectively managed?


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Parkinson disease

Researchers tested the accuracy of the Movement Disorder Society’s criteria for diagnosing Parkinson disease.

Studies discussed include neuropsychiatric symptoms leading to mild cognitive impairment and gesture comprehension and language in children with autism.

May news includes ground-breaking FDA approvals, predictions of Alzheimer disease, and a possible biomarker for mild traumatic brain injury.

Researchers studied the complicated relationship between GRIN2A, caffeine consumption, creatine, and progression of Parkinson disease.

From the first hand-held vagus nerve stimulator for episodic cluster headache to a TMS therapy system for depression, we highlight 5 new technologies.

Research at AAN 2017 highlights research of genes that may help predict the likelihood of developing Parkinson disease and progression of the disease.

Patients with Parkinson disease experiencing “off” episodes on levodopa/carbidopa now have another treatment option.


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