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The conventional classification of seizure types needed a makeover. To employ the 2017 ILAE classification, a clinician should follow some general rules.

Which came first? Epilepsy or depression? The author sheds light on a complex relationship.


This study showed that a novel CVS device provided effective, well-tolerated adjuvant prophylactic therapy for a group of adults with episodic migraine.

The largest study to date of a potential link between dairy intake and Parkinson disease found that risk varies depending on fat content and total intake. Details here.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new—and what may be coming—in preventive treatments strategies for migraine.

A dementia expert addresses current controversies on proton pump inhibitors.

Here is new evidence that people aged 75 and older who take aspirin-based antiplatelet treatment for secondary prevention should also take PPIs.


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