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Two new studies shed light on risk factors for stroke and MI, and a third suggests neurologic use s for Zolpidem that don’t involve treating insomnia.

New Parkinson disease studies offer insights into topics such as LRRK2 G2019S transgene activity, preclinical drug development, and neuroprotection in Parkinson disease.

What are the risks of anti-seizure meds in pregnancy? Benefits?

The conventional classification of seizure types needed a makeover. To employ the 2017 ILAE classification, a clinician should follow some general rules.

Which came first? Epilepsy or depression? The author sheds light on a complex relationship.


This study showed that a novel CVS device provided effective, well-tolerated adjuvant prophylactic therapy for a group of adults with episodic migraine.

The largest study to date of a potential link between dairy intake and Parkinson disease found that risk varies depending on fat content and total intake. Details here.


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