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Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis

Our blogger considers a new approach to studying MS and welcomes your thoughts on the subject.

We present findings from 3 recent studies concerning multiple sclerosis research and treatment.

Biomarkers in the blood may be an effective tool for diagnosis and personalized therapy. Learn more about this and two other studies regarding multiple sclerosis.

Recent studies on MS are highlighted, including a possible new avenue for future therapies.

What is the function of continued adult myelination in the normal undiseased brain? A recent study sheds remarkable light on this process and its importance.

Several new studies feature developments in remyelination in MS. Oligodendrocyte precursor cells may be a promising target for MS treatments, and microRNA expression are perhaps an attractive MS biomarker.

Is fatigue with MS related to diet? Is alcohol intake tied to lower MS disability and severity? Researchers at AAN 2015 reported on how patients are affected by what they eat and drink.


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