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Multiple sclerosis

Concussion: Hollywood Spotlights Neuroscience

While Hollywood adapts reality to create a good story, it’s worth fact-checking this movie’s science to better clarify chronic traumatic encephalopathy.


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Multiple sclerosis

Neuropsychological deficits often remain undiscovered during routine clinical examinations of multiple sclerosis patients due to time constraints.

Our Jan. news & research list includes the possible lingering effects of childhood concussion and the benefits of vitamin D for MS.

New findings regarding viruses and neuronal cells could provide clues for possible new therapies for MS and Alzheimer disease.

Our Dec. news & research list includes groundbreaking research from AES 2015 as well as a few potential neurodegeneration biomarkers.

The holidays can be an especially stressful time of year, so patients need to be aware of how stress influences neurological disease progression.

Our Nov. news & research list includes 2 successful genetic Alzheimer treatments in mouse models and a potential drug for Parkinson disease psychosis.

How can the study of gut microbiota lead to future treatments for neurological disorders?


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