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Headache and Migraine

Headache and Migraine

Our Sept. news includes a possible clinical marker and therapy target in Alzheimer disease and MS findings from an optical coherence tomography study.

A small study of 108 patients evaluated if caffeine cessation for 2 weeks or longer could affect outcomes of acute migraine treatment.

A study of U.S. Armed Forces asks if severity of traumatic brain injury impacts the likelihood of developing headache or migraine.

New research covers treating MS early, identifying those at risk for AED-induced psychosis, & selecting a drug for epilepsy patients with migraines.

Our August news includes a potential classification system for Alzheimer disease, new findings in a 3D model of TBI, and migraine treatments.

Who is most likely to be affected by Alice in Wonderland syndrome? Would you consider a toxicology screen or neuroimaging for afflicted patients?

Data from the Nurses’ Health Study II evaluated the risk of cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke in women with migraine.


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