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Neuro News Roundup: Migraine & MS Risks

Neuro News Roundup: Migraine & MS Risks

  • Neuro News Roundup: Migraine & MS Risks. May 2017
  • Stroke Patients Need Advice on Side Effects Abstract link.
  • Side effects of secondary prevention medications – statins, in particular -- cause anxiety and resentment in some stroke patients, and their concerns are not always addressed by clinicians.
  • Clinicians should consider educating stroke patients in advance about side effects and the potential need of several attempts to find suitable treatment, and also offer a follow-up visit after medication changes, in particular for statins.
  • Poor Sleep May Trigger MS Relapse Abstract link.
  • Poor sleep quality may increase the risk of relapse in MS patients.
  • Routine screening of sleep disorders in MS patients may be warranted since treatment of sleep disorders might decrease the risk of acute relapses.
  • Body Composition Influences Migraine Risk Abstract link.
  • The risk of migraine is increased in both obese and underweight individuals.
  • Since both obesity and being underweight are potentially modifiable risk factors for migraine, clinicians should be more aware of the body weight of their migraine patients.
  • Clinical Implications

Three new studies in three major neurologic disorders – stroke, multiple sclerosis, and migraine – include: most stroke survivors follow their doctors' advice, but some stop taking medications due to side effects; sleep disturbance might trigger an acute exacerbation of MS; and both too much and too little weight may increase the risk of migraine.

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