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Epilepsy and Seizure

Epilepsy and Seizure

Careful planning and monitoring is important for women with epilepsy who become pregnant. Several studies from AES 2016 address pregnancy issues.

AES President Emeritus Dr. Elson So covered discussing SUDEP with your patients & their families and reviewed current and future research highlights.

Up to 45% of stroke victims over the age of 60 will develop epilepsy. Researchers at AES 2016 presented risk factors of post-stroke epilepsy.

From surgical procedure selection to multiscale imaging to use of the latest drugs, we present a list of 10 not-to-be-missed sessions at AES 2016.

November news includes potential Alzheimer treatments, FDA approval of a device to prevent recurrent stroke, & a newly typified headache disorder.

Researchers evaluated cognitive and motor development, receptive language, and memory in 214 children who had experienced febrile status epilepticus.

Although tremendous advances in research and medical ethics have been made since the mid-20th century, questions continue.


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