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Epilepsy and Seizure

Methylphenidate: Effect on Cognition in Epilepsy

Previous studies of methylphenidate in epilepsy patients have suffered from small numbers and methodological issues, such as lack of blinding.


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Epilepsy and Seizure

What was the impact of add-on cannabidiol treatment in patients aged 2-55 years experiencing drop seizures?

March news includes tools to manage brain injury and predict recovery, new drug hits and misses, and an updated epilepsy classification system.

Experimental data suggesting benefits of cannabinoid comes from purified, standardized preparations that may not translate to real world practice.

Studies include stroke risk with epilepsy, genetic predisposition for ischemic stroke, and dysphagia screening in stroke patients.

March news includes possible brain tumor therapies, a study exploring mechanisms underlying demyelination-induced seizures, and VNS post stroke.

Common presentations between epilepsy and syncope complicate the differential diagnosis, making syncope the most frequent misdiagnosis in epilepsy.

Researchers evaluated several databases to determine whether or not depression has a causative role on epilepsy, or vice versa.


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