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Second-impact syndrome remains a hotly debated diagnosis. A recently published case report evoked 3 commentaries from concussion management experts.

While we might like to think we have what it takes to determine whether someone is lying or telling the truth, research shows it’s not that easy.

A genetic mutation suspected to be associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis risk has been confirmed through a large-scale research effort.

Do vitamins and natural supplements have any place in the treatment of serious neurological conditions? How would you handle patient inquiries?

Alien hand syndrome, a rare neurological symptom, may be produced by a number of etiologies and more than one specific region of cerebral damage.

Who is most likely to be affected by Alice in Wonderland syndrome? Would you consider a toxicology screen or neuroimaging for afflicted patients?

A study of 30 years indicates the projected increase in Parkinson disease could be underestimated and offers possible explanations.


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