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Veronica Hackethal, MD

Veronica Hackethal, MD

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Here is new evidence that people aged 75 and older who take aspirin-based antiplatelet treatment for secondary prevention should also take PPIs.

Here is evidence that metformin, especially at high doses and for long periods, is associated with increased risk for neurodegenerative diseases and dementia.

5 diabetes apps at-a-glance that help patients better manage the disease and communicate with you.

The anticonvulsant known as Potiga (ezogabine) in the US and as Trobalt (retigabine) in Europe will be discontinued by the manufacturer at the end of June. Details here.

Here’s evidence that ALF may be an important memory disorder in subgroups of patients with epilepsy.

Here is new evidence that the incidence of SUDEP is higher than expected in boys, people with psychiatric comorbidities, and other groups. Details here.

These mobile apps provide tools to record medication details and reminders, first aid instructions, step-by-step recovery guides, and other topics of concern for you and your patient.

Researchers tested the accuracy of the Movement Disorder Society’s criteria for diagnosing Parkinson disease.

Medications to treat dementia can improve behavioral symptoms, but have risks. Music therapy, however, offers a low-cost, nonpharmacological option.

To estimate just how much treatment delays impact the effectiveness of endovascular therapy, researchers constructed a model using data from various sources.


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