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Veronica Hackenthal, MD

Veronica Hackenthal, MD

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Post-hoc analysis of ACCORD trial data suggests the indication of beta blocker therapy in T2DM patients be more closely examined.

Seven top diabetes apps for PCPs include insulin calculators, Rx algorithms, comorbidity support, and patient tracking tools.

Among the 13 new genes identified in this genome-wide association study, 4 have never before been linked to lung function.

Cardioprotection, diabetes anxiety, and hypoglycemia protection are just a few of the areas amended with new guidance.

In ischemic stroke subtypes in young-onset stroke, researchers identify a modifiable risk factor in a high-risk group.

Recent findings could explain underlying pathophysiology of these disorders and have therapeutic implications.

Artificial beta cell systems and insulin pumps went head-to-head in two trials with type 1 diabetes patients.

We know working long hours is bad for our health, but which risk is greater, coronary heart disease or stroke?

A group of doctors looked at the effect of incorporating quality of life management with traditional medical therapy for epilepsy treatment.

A new study turns conventional beliefs about metformin’s main site of action upside down.


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