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Susan Hutchinson, MD

Susan Hutchinson, MD

Dr. Hutchinson is Director of the Orange County Migraine & Headache Center in Irvine, California and a Volunteer Clinical Faculty in the Department of Family Medicine at UC Irvine. She is author of The Woman's Guide to Migraine Management: Understanding the Hormone Connection to find Hope and Wellness.



Posts by Author

Headaches that occur several days before menses as well as disabling headaches on days unrelated to menses... how would you help this young woman?

A headache specialist and family practitioner reviews recent research on therapy for migraine headaches and points to clinical implications--for patients and for primary care providers.

In many patients, episodic migraines increase in frequency and transform into a refractory pattern.

What are the factors that underlie the transformation of episodic migraine to refractory migraine? Dr Susan Hutchinson explains.

A bad ("sick" or killer) headache is usually a migraine if underlying organic causes of pain are ruled out.

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