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Samantha J. Peterson

Samantha J. Peterson

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Studies discussed include neuropsychiatric symptoms leading to mild cognitive impairment and gesture comprehension and language in children with autism.

Studies examined the impact of blood pressure trajectories on dementia risk and explored the relationship between sleep apnea and Aβ accumulations.

May news includes ground-breaking FDA approvals, predictions of Alzheimer disease, and a possible biomarker for mild traumatic brain injury.

Highlights: imaging the temporal dynamics & cellular architecture of seizures in Dravet syndrome, & reducing risk of spontaneous fetal loss.

Blood protein analysis of plasma total tau has diagnostic use in Alzheimer disease. Could the same hold true for CTE?

The effect of blood pressure on IAT safety and benefit and pediatric stroke outcomes based on treatment were some of the studies presented at AAN.

Peter Goadsby, MD discusses the efficacy, safety, & tolerability of the CGRP inhibitor erenumab in a phase III trial of participants with episodic migraine.

The new SUDEP guidelines, co-developed by the AAN & AES and presented this week at the AAN Annual Meeting, provide clarity to health professionals.

Research at AAN 2017 highlights research of genes that may help predict the likelihood of developing Parkinson disease and progression of the disease.

What was the impact of add-on cannabidiol treatment in patients aged 2-55 years experiencing drop seizures?


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