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Many physicians want it, many patients are asking for it. Here’s a look at the pros and cons—and the case for expanded coverage of telemedicine.


Should you hire an in-house coder or outsource? Do you need to hire one at all? Answers to these questions and more.

If you are thinking of adding telemedicine to your practice, here are the benefits—and things to consider.

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Here are a number of compelling reasons to consider seeking out a mentor to help you with your neurology career.

Mentors might be older or younger than their mentees—it’s their experience that matters


Cybercrime is a threat to even the smallest of practices, here are six ways to prevent criminals from accessing your patients' data.

Unplanned and natural humor during your presentation tends to be more personal and helps to build relationships and community among the group.

Treat your talk like a mystery. “Present results so that each one clarifies the mystery and holds the audience’s focus as the presentation concludes.”

One of the most important messages to give patients receiving bad news is that they will have an ongoing treatment relationship with their physician.

Asking what the patient understands about his or her condition will set the stage for a more productive discussion.


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