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Heidi Moawad, MD

Heidi Moawad, MD

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Traditionally, fidgeting has been considered an undesirable trait, but this tendency could provide unforeseen benefits.

Researchers used cross sectional data obtained from a scale of physician empathy and the results of objective structured clinical examination scores.

Recent studies point out that some itches may actually have more of a nervous system component than previously thought.

Once patients and/or their families become aware of the signs and symptoms of pseudobulbar affect, they are more likely to seek treatment.

In scientific studies, babies show a strong preference for female faces. Is this an inherent favoritism, or can other factors explain this inclination?

Controlled studies have been able to replicate sleep paralysis with sleep interruption, but only in 10% of participants with interrupted REM sleep.

People who suffer from misophonia do, in fact, have real physiological effects when they are exposed to the provoking sounds.

Recent studies point to a high lifetime incidence (78%) of another psychiatric diagnosis among those who suffer from trichotillomania.

There are many possible contributing factors that can explain the relationship between lack of sleep and psychosocial issues among teenagers.

Individuals with OCD have different areas of brain activation in response to perceived threats than healthy controls.


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