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Dee Rapposelli

Dee Rapposelli

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A look at the impact of shift work and long hours on cognitive function.

Alzheimer disease—or dementia with Lewy bodies? Recently revised consensus criteria can help you solve this diagnostic dilemma.


Mobile health interventions are helpful to patients receiving medications that reduce cravings, but what about adherence-focused monitoring?


Opioid-dependent patients presenting to an emergency department for other medical reasons are more likely to pursue addiction treatment if a specific therapy is initiated during their emergency care stay. What therapy are we talking about?


Although a number of observational studies point to an association between conventional antipsychotic agents and increased risk in older patients, new research suggests such findings may have been flawed.


A 2-year study found a threefold increased risk of cardiovascular disease in older patients with major depression.

Evidence of brain injury is most prevalent in patients with physical symptoms and long duration of symptoms

Delayed treatment outcomes compare with early CT thrombolysis if diffusion-perfusion mismatch is present

MRI-assisted thrombolysis is as good as and perhaps better than CT-assisted thrombolysis, and it may be particularly valuable for patients treated outside of the prescribed 3-hour treatment window after stroke onset.

An acute diffusion lesion is evident in one third of patients who have had a transient ischemic attack,1 and those patients may be at higher risk for stroke,2 according to a pair of studies presented at the 2007 International Stroke Conference in San Francisco in February.


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