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Bobby Lazzara, MD

Bobby Lazzara, MD

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A meta-analysis compared medical therapy with medical therapy plus angioplasty for the treatment of symptomatic vertebral artery stenosis.

Patients underwent one night of a sham stimulation followed by pink noise stimulation delivered during slow wave activity.

An abstract presented at ACC 2017 explored the cardiovascular effects of cannabis use.

Patients with Parkinson disease experiencing “off” episodes on levodopa/carbidopa now have another treatment option.

Did testosterone treatment improve cognitive function and memory in elderly men diagnosed with low testosterone and age-related memory impairment?

Is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor use associated with an increased risk of spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage?

Is the parkinsonian phenotype seen in welders related to the exposure of manganese-containing welding fumes?

What factors contributed to burnout among your fellow neurologists, and what can you do to reduce your own risk?

Although sauna bathing can be beneficial in cardiovascular disease, how does the practice impact dementia and Alzheimer disease?

Dr Bobby Lazzara spends a Medical News Minute reminding you to pay close attention to all the fine print.


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