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Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer disease

Dr. Bobby Lazzara discusses the first description of reversal of cognitive decline in early Alzheimer disease or its precursors.

Our July news includes the Alzheimer-diabetes link, increased rates of Parkinson, and guidelines for acute migraine treatment in the ED.

In this Medical News Minute, Dr. Bobby Lazzara discusses a recent finding on Alzheimer disease and chromosome Y in men.

Investigators questioned whether cognitive tests could predict driving ability in people with Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment.

Our May news includes memory replay disruption in Alzheimer disease, impulse control disorder in Parkinson disease, and return to play in TBI.

Neuropsychiatric symptoms are commonly associated with mild cognitive impairment, but does amyloid pathology play a role in this relationship?

Our Feb. news & research include two new migraine drugs, the stroke-Parkinson link, and the potential of an anticancer drug to prevent Alzheimer.


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