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Alzheimer disease

The Skinny on Dementia and Being Skinny

Underweight means highest risk, say researchers.



Alzheimer disease

Research into AD pathogenesis and identification of early biomarkers could contribute to the development of new treatments. We present several recent findings.

Discover 3 exciting developments in Alzheimer disease research.

Proteins linked in a pathway, drugs that may prevent memory loss, the positive role of sleep, a new memory app—check out these latest new concepts in AD diagnosis and treatment.

Still Alice

This film is a must-see for psychiatrists, not because it adds new information about the course of Alzheimer disease or its impact on families, but because it forces us to rethink issues that can affect our clinical practice.


Underweight means highest risk, say researchers.

A skin test used to detect elevated levels of abnormal proteins may allow earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, according to a new study.


A new way to treat dementia and other diagnosis and treatment developments are in the news.


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