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Researchers tested the accuracy of the Movement Disorder Society’s criteria for diagnosing Parkinson disease.

The top three reasons for not reporting a concussion was similar between males and females.

A meta-analysis compared medical therapy with medical therapy plus angioplasty for the treatment of symptomatic vertebral artery stenosis.

This large population subset can potentially benefit from therapies that are more directly targeted to hormonally-influenced migraine headaches.

Medications to treat dementia can improve behavioral symptoms, but have risks. Music therapy, however, offers a low-cost, nonpharmacological option.

Studies discussed include neuropsychiatric symptoms leading to mild cognitive impairment and gesture comprehension and language in children with autism.

To estimate just how much treatment delays impact the effectiveness of endovascular therapy, researchers constructed a model using data from various sources.

Patients underwent one night of a sham stimulation followed by pink noise stimulation delivered during slow wave activity.

Studies examined the impact of blood pressure trajectories on dementia risk and explored the relationship between sleep apnea and Aβ accumulations.

The areas of the brain that are involved in shopping are consistent with the diverse feelings evoked by shopping.


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