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Best of MS: AAN 2017

Best of MS: AAN 2017

  • Best of MS: AAN 2017
  • Longitudinal Characterization of Cortical Lesion Evolution in Multiple Sclerosis by Ultra High Field MRI
  • What is the longitudinal evolution of cortical lesions in MS?
  • All cortical lesions detected at baseline remained at follow-up
  • Compared to previous reports at lower field strength, the rate of cortical lesion accumulation was significantly increased, particularly in SPMS.
  • Durable Reduction in MRI Disease Activity with Alemtuzumab in the Absence of Continuous Treatment in Patients with Active Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Who Were Treatment-Naive: 6-Year Follow-up of the CARE-MS I Study
  • What were the 6-year outcomes in active RRMS patients who were alemtuzumab treatment-naïve at baseline?
  • Over 6 years, and in most cases in the absence of continuous treatment, alemtuzumab showed durable efficacy.
  • Environmental Risk Factors Associated with Pediatric MS: the Role of Remote Viral Infections and Vitamin D Revisited
  • Is there an association between viral infections, vitamin D deficiency, and pediatric-onset MS?
  • Preliminary results suggest an association between prior EBV and HSV-1 infection, and vitamin D deficiency and pediatric-onset MS.
  • Self-Reported Fatigue and Lower Limb Problems Predictive of Conversion to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in an Aging Sample of Patients
  • Can patient-reported outcomes predict conversion to SPMS in an older population?
  • Fatigue and lower limb problems at baseline were strongly correlated (P=0.001) to conversion to SPMS in 5 years.

Chosen studies presented at AAN 2017 included an evaluation of cortical lesions in MS; 6-year outcomes of treatment with alemtuzumab in RRMS patients; an investigation of a possible link between viral infections, vitamin D deficiency, and pediatric-onset MS; and a look at the possibility of fatigue and lower limb problems predicting progression from RRMS to SPMS.


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