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Aging and Dementia: AAN 2017

Aging and Dementia: AAN 2017

  • Aging and Dementia: AAN 2017
  • Ante Mortem CSF Tau Levels Correlate with Post Mortem Tau Pathology in FTLD
  • Do ante mortem cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels of tau correlate with post mortem tau pathology in frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD)?
  • Higher CSF p-tau levels are related to higher cerebral tau burden in FTLD and detection of Alzheimer copathology in FTLD during life “may help stratify clinical cohorts with ‘pure’ neuropathology in which CSF p-tau levels may have diagnostic utility.”
  • Blood Pressure Trajectories from Mid to Late Life and Risk of Dementia: The Framingham Study
  • Is there an association between blood pressure in mid-life and late-life and dementia risk?
  • While lower blood pressure in midlife was linked to cognitive benefits, data suggests lowering blood pressure in older adults may be harmful to cognition.
  • Sleep Apnea During NREM But Not REM Inversely Correlates with CSF Amyloid Beta 42 But Not Tau Levels
  • Does sleep apnea have an impact on CSF neurodegenerative biomarker proteins?
  • Because non-REM sleep apnea is inversely associated with CSF Aβ42, sleep apnea may be a modifiable risk factor for Alzheimer disease.

Studies presented on aging and dementia during AAN 2017 Annual Meeting looked at cerebrospinal fluid levels of tau in frontotemporal lobar degeneration, examined the impact of blood pressure trajectories in mid-life and late-life on dementia risk, and explored whether or not sleep apena affected amyloid plaque accumulation.

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