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4 Neurology Apps to Share With Your Patients

Tools for recording medication details and reminders, first aid instructions, and step-by-step recovery guides©CarlosAmarillo/Shutterstock

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Is it a seizure or something else? Here are 5 tips to assess and treat psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.

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What is the shortest time within which you have given a patient TPA?

The conventional classification of seizure types needed a makeover. To employ the 2017 ILAE classification, a clinician should follow some general rules.

Initial measures in the Axon Registry will assess care for Parkinson disease, epilepsy, distal symmetric polyneuropathy, dementia, headache, multiple sclerosis, and sleep apnea.

Which came first? Epilepsy or depression? The author sheds light on a complex relationship.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the treatment of choice for decompression sickness, and it has shown some promise in trials of small numbers of patients with peripheral neuropathy and those with head trauma.

The notion of “resistant atherosclerosis,” points to possible breakthroughs in research and treatment.

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