4 Advances in Alzheimer Disease

Read about the most recent advances in AD diagnosis and treatment.

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This new guideline could change the approach many physicians take to treating a first seizure--and could improve patients’ lives.

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Highlights of the first large study to describe the characteristics post-traumatic headache and treatment response in children are summarized here.

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A novel drug-device may not only be a promising non-oral triptan acute migraine treatment, but may be more efficacious than its oral counterpart.

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Can the EEG predict neurological outcomes in post-anoxic encephalopathy from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest? What effect does TIA have on stroke risk in women migraineurs? What's the relationship between MS and vitamin D levels in minority populations?


Quick, how many of the following—eslicarbazepine, ezogabine, parampanel—do you recognize? These new entries into the medical armamentarium were highlighted at the AAN 2015 Annual Meeting.

A new study suggests that inpatient statin use is linked to improved outcomes after intracranial hemorrhage.

A skin test used to detect elevated levels of abnormal proteins may allow earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, according to a new study.

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