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Epilepsy in Pregnancy

The risks and benefits of anti-seizure meds in pregnancy. ©Shutterstock

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If your patient manifests signs that are compatible with Alzheimer disease, should you recommend olive oil as part of a prevention and treatment regimen? This and other questions answered by Domenico Pratico, MD.

An expert discusses the latest guidelines to reduce brain injury in adults who are comatose after cardiac resuscitation.

Studies suggest that magnesium, riboflavin, butterbur, coenzyme Q10, and certain nutraceutical combinations may have efficacy in preventing migraine. This slideshow reviews the evidence.

Botox for episodic migraine? Vitamin B for migraine with aura? Best option for acute cluster headache? Take the quiz.

An update on responsive neurostimulation, the only implantable, closed-loop device approved for treating seizures.

©Bruce Rolff/Shutterstock.com

Math capabilities of children with autism may be on par with those of typically developing children, but not so with language.


There appears to be a bidirectional relationship between migraine and depression, in which one disorder increases the risk for the other and vice versa.

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