A Neurologist on a Medical Mission

Health expectations and standards of safety in this part of the world are clearly different from what most of us are used to. But it is my impression that "laying on of hands" offers encouragement and hope.

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Three brand new studies shed light on use of natalizumab in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

There’s a new app for tracking symptoms of Parkinson disease, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases may share characteristics with mad cow disease, and a skin test may one day be used to detect both AD and PD.

While a majority of persons with the 4 most common cancers are told the diagnosis, fewer than half of persons with AD get that kind of information. This could be a problem.

Do you have a patient with "radiologically isolated syndrome" -- and, if so, what do you tell your patient?

Highlights of recent findings about multiple sclerosis are summarized in this slide show.

An FDA-approved drug for high blood pressure alleviates clinical symptoms of MS in mice, showing great promise for humans.

Focused ultrasound works like a noninvasive knife, cutting away amyloid plaques in mice. But is this new method safe and effective in humans?

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