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Future of Epilepsy: AES 2016

Leading epilepsy researchers speculated on trends in surgery & devices, imaging, medication, bioinformatics, and genetic discoveries.


Recent Content

Researchers examined resting-state functional connectivity in 11 male college cross country runners and compared them with age matched non-athletes.

Recent studies point to a high lifetime incidence (78%) of another psychiatric diagnosis among those who suffer from trichotillomania.

Previous studies of methylphenidate in epilepsy patients have suffered from small numbers and methodological issues, such as lack of blinding.

January news includes the first FDA-approved drug for spinal muscular atrophy, various epilepsy treatments & vitamin D’s impact on Alzheimer & headache.

Orthostatic hypotension’s effect on cognition in Parkinson disease, testing patients with epilepsy who can drive safely, and carotid web are covered.

There are many possible contributing factors that can explain the relationship between lack of sleep and psychosocial issues among teenagers.

Whether or not antihyperglycemics can decrease the risk of stroke has been a matter of debate.

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