8 New FDA-Approved Neurology Drugs

A look at the newest FDA-approved drugs for neurologic diseases, including Parkinson's disease and MS.

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Minimally invasive surgery to remove clots from the brain and other cutting-edge stroke news for neurologists highlighted the research and clinical program at the International Stroke Conference.

The ultimate cause is found in only about half of patients, so improved understanding of the prognostic and diagnostic features is of high priority.

This treatment may be superior to current treatment for patients with severe multiple sclerosis that is not responding well to standard treatments.

Drugs often involve multiple daily doses with complex dosing regimens, but interventions that have been applied generically to patients with chronic diseases can be applied to these cases as well.

The FDA has recently approved a number of drugs for a variety of neurologic disorders, including Parkinson's disease and MS. Here are 8 of the newest.

Favorable long-term results for patients with hard-to-treat epilepsy who undergo brain surgery offer good information for decision-making and counseling.

There is no approved screening tool for misophonia, but a case review can lead to a diagnosis. Several treatment options may aid in symptom management.

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