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Exercise and Cerebral Blood Flow

What happens when athletes stop training for 10 days? Dr. Lazzara discusses a study of resting cerebral blood flow in gray matter and the hippocampus.


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Up to 45% of stroke victims over the age of 60 will develop epilepsy. Researchers at AES 2016 presented risk factors of post-stroke epilepsy.

From surgical procedure selection to multiscale imaging to use of the latest drugs, we present a list of 10 not-to-be-missed sessions at AES 2016.

Three new studies look at stroke and the impact of folic acid, music therapy, and air pollution.

Research has linked rosacea with other neurologic conditions such as Parkinson disease and MS, but an association with migraine has been unclear.

Is loneliness predictive of preclinical Alzheimer disease? Dr. Lazzara discusses a study of cortical amyloid burden and loneliness in older adults.

There is no FDA-approved drug for pediatric migraine in children aged younger than 12, so treatment is consensus-based rather than evidence-based.

The study provides much needed insight into sex-specific risk factors, thus improving the accuracy of individualized stroke risk assessment.

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